What is a carriage bolt used for?

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Dec. 15, 2023




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A carriage bolt, also known as a coach bolt, is a specialized type of bolt designed for specific applications where a smooth and finished appearance on one side of the connection is desired. These bolts have a distinctive domed or mushroom-shaped head and a square section beneath the head that prevents the bolt from turning when tightened. Here are the common uses and applications of carriage bolts:

1. Woodworking and Carpentry:

Purpose: Carriage bolts are frequently employed in woodworking and carpentry projects.

Application: They are used to fasten wooden components together, providing a secure and aesthetically pleasing connection. The square section beneath the head fits into a square hole in the wood, preventing the bolt from turning when the nut is tightened.

2. Construction and Framing:

Purpose: Carriage bolts are suitable for construction and framing applications where a flush or smooth surface is desired.

Application: They are used to connect structural elements, such as framing members, beams, and posts. The domed head provides a neat finish on the exposed side of the connection.

3. Play Structures and Outdoor Equipment:

Purpose: Carriage bolts are commonly used in the assembly of play structures and outdoor equipment.

Application: They secure various components of playsets, swings, and other outdoor structures. The design of the carriage bolt head contributes to the safety and aesthetics of the finished assembly.

Carriage Bolt.jpg

4. Furniture Assembly:

Purpose: Carriage bolts are employed in the assembly of furniture, especially in situations where a concealed fastening method is desired.

Application: They are used to connect wooden parts of furniture, ensuring a strong joint while maintaining a clean and finished appearance.

5. Gate and Fence Construction:

Purpose: Electric Carriage bolts are suitable for connecting components in gate and fence construction.

Application: They provide a secure fastening method for gate hinges, brackets, and other elements, contributing to the overall stability and appearance of the gate or fence.

6. Automotive and Trailer Manufacturing:

Purpose: Carriage bolts find applications in automotive manufacturing and trailer construction.

Application: They are used to fasten components in vehicle and trailer assemblies, providing a reliable connection with a smooth finish on the visible side.

7. Boat Building:

Purpose: Carriage bolts are utilized in boat building for specific fastening needs.

Application: They secure components in boat construction, offering a sturdy connection that complements the overall aesthetics of the vessel.

8. General Construction Projects:

Purpose: Carriage bolts can be used in a variety of general construction projects.

Application: They provide a versatile fastening solution for various applications where a smooth and finished appearance on one side is preferred.

Key Features of Carriage Bolts:

Domed Head: The domed or mushroom-shaped head is distinctive and contributes to a clean and finished appearance.

Square Section: The square section beneath the head prevents the bolt from turning when tightened, making it suitable for applications where access is limited.

Smooth Finish: Carriage bolts are designed to provide a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish on one side of the connection.


Carriage bolts are versatile fasteners that excel in applications where both functionality and appearance are essential. Whether in woodworking, construction, furniture assembly, or other projects, carriage bolts offer a secure and visually appealing solution for connecting components.


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