What Are The Functions of Inverters in Photovoltaic Systems?

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Dec. 06, 2022




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When you invest in your solar power plant, you want to enjoy very low electricity costs.


Solar modules that will produce free electricity from the Sun are not enough. Photovoltaic modules produce only direct current in the system, and almost all of the devices in our homes and businesses use alternating current with a voltage of 230/400 V and frequency of 50 Hz. Therefore, you need to have in your system a device that will convert direct current produced by the photovoltaic modules to alternating current, which you will be able to use.


This device is an inverter.


The main task of the inverter is therefore to convert DC to AC, in line with the grid parameters, regardless of the external conditions and the instantaneous power of solar radiation.

However, the inverters have many other features that can be very useful.


Inversor Comercial

Optimisation of the PV system operation


An important role of the inverter is to optimise electricity production.

The inverter searches for the maximum operating point of the connected PV modules – this point is called the MPP (maximum power point).


A special system or systems of MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) are installed in the inverter, which adjust the current and voltage values so that the maximum electrical power is produced under the given solar radiation conditions (in the diagram, radiation intensities are marked with different colours). The more power you get from the PV system, the higher your profits will be.


A well-chosen inverter has a very significant impact on:


ㆍreliability and long working life of the photovoltaic system

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ㆍefficiency of electricity production

ㆍhassle-free operation of photovoltaic modules

ㆍfaster return on the investment in a solar power plant

Important inverter parameter


Inverter efficiency determines how much energy will be converted from DC to AC and how much will be lost (to heat). This information can be found in its data sheet.

Inverters we recommend have efficiency above 96%.

PV system monitoring


The photovoltaic inverters have the function of monitoring of the system via a display integrated into the device housing. Most often, the display shows: the power generated by the system at the moment, current and voltage values, and the yield from the last system operating periods.


In most of the solutions offered, all you need to do is set up the inverter via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to enjoy access to the data on the operation of your PV system from anywhere in the world.


You will then have access to real-time information on the power produced by your power plant and to the energy production graphs at different times.

Moreover, you can receive information about possible errors or system failures.


What is especially important – you can easily check all the data you need on your phone, tablet or computer.


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