What are the Benefits of Electric Hospital Beds?

Author: Liang

Oct. 11, 2023




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Hospital beds are not just for nursing homes and hospitals anymore. They can be a valuable tool to help keep loved ones at home during periods of recovery or illness.


Sleek designs and various styles of head and footboards look like bedroom furniture. Modern hospital beds help enable caregivers and loved ones to maintain safety, comfort and independence at home.


The Benefits Of Adjustable Medical Bed


Adjustable hospital beds are becoming more common, they offer a host of benefits for both patients and caregivers. Mediks adjustable Hospital Beds provide comfort, mobility, independence, and security to those who use them. The many benefits of an adjustable medical bed are detailed below.


Improved Comfort


Patient comfort is very important, particularly for those who spend substantial time in bed. An adjustable bed offers greater comfort through the many different configurations it offers. Adjust the head and feet section to find the optimum bed position, patient can relax and focus on getting better.



Greater Independence


One of the main benefits of an adjustable hospital bed is the increased independence of the users. If the people had surgical treatment, have been injured in an accident, or have underlying health issues, mobility can be a challenge. But thanks to adjustability settings, getting into and out of bed becomes easier. This reduces the risk of injury for those using the bed and offers them greater independence in their day-to-day routine.


Easier getting in and out of bed


Electric hospital bed frames can be raised and lowered as needed to make it easier for loved ones to get in and out of bed.



The head of the bed can be elevated to reduce the effort needed to sit at the side of the bed. The bed frame height can be adjusted as needed for sitting and standing.


This is especially important during recovery after hip surgery. Some hospital beds can be lowered so that the bed frame is almost on the floor. A foam mat can be placed on the floor next to the bed to prevent injury if a loved one rolls out of bed.


Protection for caregivers


It is essential for caregivers to protect themselves from back injuries as they care for loved ones.


Hospital bed frame heights can be adjusted to appropriate working heights, allowing caregivers to use safe lifting and transferring techniques.


Loved ones can use side rails and grab bars to assist with repositioning to minimize the effort needed by caregivers.


Overbed tables can be used with hospital beds to help loved ones reach for items and feed themselves. Locking swivel casters enable caregivers to easily move hospital beds to make room for wheelchairs, walkers and commodes.


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