Venlo Type Glass Greenhouse for Tomatoes

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Venlo Type Glass Greenhouse for Tomatoes

Company Profile

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Qingzhou XinHe Greenhouse horticulture  Co., LTD is a professional company which sets greenhouse and supporting facility design, manufacture and research&development in one. The major products include flower market greenhouses, planting greenhouses, aquaculture greenhouses, livestock breeding greenhouses, ecological restaurant greenhouses, glasshouses, spherical greenhouses, sunlight-plate greenhouses, photovoltaic solar energy greenhouses, thin film greenhouses and corresponding accessories.

1. Sexteen years of professional experience.2. The company sets up a r&d team.3. The product adopts the latest technology and the computer is fully controlled.4. After-sales installation to support engineers.5. The company has a team of professional consultants and service personnel to meet the needs of customers for a series of project-related services.Every year we ship above USD 9million to all over the world.We have professional engineer department,if customer request,we can send our engineers to foreign countries to guide the installation. Every year there are many customers visiting our factory for business cooperation.


•Can you supply sample?
-Small parts can be supplied, but you should pay the express.

•Can your company supply greenhouse design?
-Our company can give greenhouse design according to your land and plan after deposit. And we can give simple drawing before signing contract.

•How to intall greenhouse
-First we prepare the material and export.
-After your customs clearing, we send 2-4 engineers or all workers to guide to install. 
-If you want to save money, we only send drawing, and you match local workers. If you think it is hard to do, we also can send engineers and workers to install for you.

•What is the payment terms?
-usually the deposit is 30%-50% of total value. Before loading, all the balance shoulde be paid off. Or you can give your own payment terms, then we can negotiate it.

How Much Does A Greenhouse Cost In 2024?

A greenhouse is a structure with a transparent roof and transparent walls typically made from glass. They house plants, providing them with a controlled environment to grow in. They work well for plants that need regulated climatic conditions as the inside of the greenhouse, which is exposed to sunlight, gets much warmer than the outside. Greenhouses make year-round gardening possible.


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Greenhouses can range from the size of a shed to an industrial-sized building. Most hardware stores sell greenhouse-building kits that allow you to build a standard one yourself. But if you prefer something larger and more customized, consider hiring a professional. Building one can cost between $2,500 to $25,000, or about $15,000 on average.

Greenhouse Cost

Greenhouse Cost Per Square Foot

The cost to build a greenhouse will increase as its square footage increases. That said, prices per square foot actually decrease as the overall square footage increases. It still makes for a higher total, but the cost increase won’t be exponential.

Standard mid-sized greenhouses cost $25 per square foot on average. Large commercial greenhouses that consist of plastic or fiberglass over a steel framework, and may or may not include ventilation and plumbing, cost between $2 and $4 per square foot.

For more what is a container farminformation, please contact us. We will provide professional answers.

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Cost of Materials

Greenhouses are simple structures that consist of a frame, siding and a floor. Materials for these components vary but can include wood, steel, glass, concrete and plastic.

The frame of a greenhouse is the structure’s support system. Typically, greenhouse frames are made from strong wood or steel that can stand up to the elements. Wood framing costs about $1 per linear foot, while steel costs $2.50 per linear foot.

Water Tanks Compared: Poly Tanks versus Stainless Steel ...

Siding is another important feature of a greenhouse that protects plants from the elements and lets in lots of sunlight to nourish them. Glass siding is common in greenhouses and costs $2.50 per square foot. Glass is heavy, though, so you will likely need a strong steel frame to support it. Polyethylene and fiberglass are low-cost alternatives.

While greenhouses can function without a proper floor, flooring does have its benefits. It helps to insulate the structure while preventing weed growth and stops pests from entering and destroying plants. Rolled rubber flooring is a common choice for greenhouse flooring and costs $2 per square foot. Concrete, stone, brick or even mulch are other greenhouse flooring options. Whatever material you choose must provide some sort of drainage.

Cost of Greenhouse Materials*

*Costs shown that are not marked with a double asterisk are per square foot. Costs shown that are marked with a double asterisk are per linear foot

Greenhouse Cost by Type

*Costs shown that are not marked with a double asterisk are per square foot. Costs shown that are marked with a double asterisk are per linear foot

There are several greenhouse types and styles that come with their own pros and cons. Your area’s climate will help determine which type is best for you. Costs vary tremendously, but here are cost examples of common greenhouse types:


Costing between $5 and $10 per square foot, hoop greenhouses are made from multiple half- hoops in a row. Most of the hoop is above the ground and its ends are buried in the soil. Typically, the hoops are covered with a sheet of plastic.

Rooftop greenhouses are often located in urban areas on the tops of tall, flat-roofed buildings. They range from $10 to $25 per square foot.


Geodesic or dome greenhouses are round structures with domed tops. They can be made from a variety of materials, including glass and plastic, and cost between $10 and $25 per square foot. While these types of greenhouses have a relatively small footprint, they can house many plants because of their tall shape. That makes them ideal for small spaces.


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One of the most common greenhouse types is the A-frame. It has a high roof that slopes down to the ground to create an A shape. This greenhouse type works well in areas with lots of snowfall as the sloped roof allows snow to slide off without piling up and damaging it. A-frame greenhouse costs range from $25 to $35 per square foot.

Costs Per Greenhouse Type*

*Costs shown are per square foot

*Costs shown are per square foot

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