Supply of Different Types of Electric Fans

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Supply of Different Types of Electric Fans

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, electric fans have transcended their role as mere cooling devices to become indispensable home appliances in modern living. As a leading player in the electric fan industry, Haihui Company stands out for its exceptional product quality and extensive product range, providing consumers with a myriad of options to meet diverse needs. 


Supply of Different Types of Electric Fans


As a seasoned player in the fan manufacturing industry, Haihui Company, operating under the brand name Hai Yang, takes pride in offering an extensive lineup of electric fans. From industrial solutions to commercial applications and residential comfort, Haihui's diverse range caters to every cooling need. Let's explore the array of fan types and sizes, showcasing the company's commitment to innovation and quality.


Types of Electric Fans:


1. Industrial Fan:


Powerful and robust, our industrial fans are engineered to provide efficient cooling in large, demanding environments. They offer reliable performance for factories, warehouses, and other industrial spaces.


2. Commercial Fan:


Blending style with functionality, our commercial fans are tailored for public spaces such as shops, offices, and restaurants. They are designed to enhance air circulation while complementing the aesthetics of the surroundings.


3. Mist Fan:


Elevate your outdoor experience with our mist fans, integrating advanced misting technology. Ideal for patios and recreational areas, they bring a refreshing touch to every moment.


4. Floor Fan:


Portable and versatile, our floor fans come with adjustable height and oscillation features, providing customizable airflow for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.


5. Drum Fan:


Designed in a drum shape, these fans deliver high-velocity airflow, making them the perfect choice for workshops, garages, and large workspaces.


6. Blower Fan:


Precision meets efficiency in our blower fans, directing airflow precisely where needed. They are versatile and compact, suitable for various applications.


7. Exhaust Fan:


Ensure optimal ventilation and air quality with our exhaust fans, suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and enclosed spaces.


8. Stand Fan:


Combining portability with adjustable height, our stand fans offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for various indoor settings.


9. Ceiling Fan:


Designed for overhead installation, our ceiling fans ensure efficient air distribution in both residential and commercial spaces.


At Haihui Company, we take pride in our role as a distinguished fan manufacturing factory, operating under the esteemed brand, Hai Yang. With a firm commitment to quality and innovation, we present a diverse array of electric fans designed to meet the unique needs of various environments. Our comprehensive range includes different types and sizes, ensuring that every space, from industrial settings to commercial establishments and homes, benefits from the comfort of optimal air circulation.

Supply of Different Types of Electric Fans

Sizes of Electric Fans:


Diversity in sizing is a key feature of our electric fan collection, ranging from 56 inches to 8 inches. This wide spectrum of sizes allows Haihui Company to cater to varied room dimensions and cooling requirements.


Options include 56 Inch48 Inch42 Inch36 Inch30 Inch26 Inch24 Inch20 Inch18 Inch16 Inch14 Inch12 Inch10 Inch and 8 Inch Electric Fans.


Size (Inch)IndustrialCommercialMistFloorDrumBlowerExhaustStandCeiling













Attention: The above is not all of our fans, please contact us for more information.

Supply of Different Types of Electric Fans

Why choose Haihui?


Haihui Company proudly supports OEM and ODM services, allowing customization based on specific requirements. Wholesale discounts are available for bulk orders, fostering partnerships with businesses seeking quality electric fans for resale or distribution.


Supply of Different Types of Electric Fans


Contact Us for Business Inquiries: For further business inquiries, please contact us. Haihui Company is dedicated to delivering reliable, high-performance electric fans that redefine comfort in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces.


At Haihui, we redefine comfort and innovation in the world of electric fans. Join us in creating a breezy, cool environment for every space!


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