Seamless Modular Video Wall and LED Displays Solution

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Feb. 24, 2023




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Businesses need a display that delivers high-impact information with uninterrupted content. Many technologies can be utilized to create video walls, and customers can choose from options such as tiled or discrete LCD flat panels, rear-projection cubes or projection. While each option has its pros and cons, seamless LED displays increasingly offer many important advantages over older technologies.

Today's seamless direct-view LED display technology is compact, thin and lightweight because the RGB LED diodes are fixed directly to the circuit board (called SMDs), reducing the space required for complex wiring. This results in a very compact design that offers brightness well beyond projection, enhanced contrast due to excellent black levels, impressive color uniformity, and (depending on pixel pitch and viewing distance) general image quality that rivals even LCD displays. It also lacks the unsightly bezels that can seriously interfere with your content. This means that companies no longer need to build traditional oversized screen technology, build tiled walls with LCD TVs, or invest heavily in proprietary rear-projection modules.

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In addition, traditional displays typically allow only one video signal or message to be displayed. In contrast, seamless LED displays can display multiple signals and sources in a variety of user-defined areas. This allows organizations to deliver more dynamic and impactful content on each display.

Another major advantage of seamless LED displays over older technologies is their flexibility. With a variety of aspect ratios and sizes, as well as bendable and flexible varieties, direct-view LED displays can be easily shaped to fit almost any space. In addition to standard video formats, companies can create long strip displays or displays that wrap around curved spaces. Displays can even be in the shape of cubes, pyramids or columns. The possibilities are truly endless.

Here are some of the features of the VISSONIC Seamless Modular Video Wall Processor

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4K screen

HD 4K matrix splicing processing, seamless splicing, frame synchronization, stepless zoom technology, all output ports image fully synchronized, smooth and complete picture.

Splicing exchange

Compared with traditional splicing equipment, X9 hybrid matrix supports 4K single window splicing, 4K multi-screen splicing roaming, resolution fusion technology, adapt to different resolution output.

Compatibility visual operation

VISSONIC X9 hybrid matrix processor is compatible with all interface formats: CV, Y/C, YUV, VGA, Component, DVI, HDMI, SDI, HDBaseT, etc. The software of X9 series processor can run on Android, IOS, Mac, Windows and Linux. the processor is optimized for technology to operate different platforms devices, supporting RS232 & 485 control.

4k signal

VISSONIC X9 hybrid matrix processor achieves seamless splicing on the basis of 4k UHD - optimized technology for smooth matching of all screens of different 4k screens; corrects and compensates signal characteristics to reduce video stream errors.

FPGA efficient architecture

Designed with pure hardware architecture, modular hot-swappable graphics card, real-time detection of input and output signals, support for audio and video control, audio de-embedding input and output.

Digital rear projection DLP is currently widely used in rear projection display and wall projection display functions. Previous contacts have used splicing processors with large screens to achieve high-definition rear projection and interactive display. This shows the current splicing processor (hybrid matrix) have a big market . If you want to know more info, please contact us today.


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