Multi-span film greenhouse

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Multi-span film greenhouse

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Structural characteristics and scope of application of multi-span greenhouse

   The multi-span film greenhouse can be used as a greenhouse for the production of flowers, vegetables and seedlings. The variety of covering materials determines the suitability of this greenhouse. It is not only suitable for users with different needs, but also for different climatic regions.

That is to say, users can choose covering materials and supporting equipment according to their economic strength and usage to achieve their own purposes.

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    Multi-span film greenhouses are mostly arched, and the roof and surrounding areas are covered with film, which has a long service life and does not drip film. This kind of greenhouse has a large span, the room is spacious and bright, and the ventilation effect is good, which provides a larger space for indoor facilities and personnel flow.

    The main structure adopts an assembled hot-dip galvanized frame, which ensures the overall anti-corrosion ability of the greenhouse frame. The main arch, purlins, and columns are all made of hot-dip galvanized rectangular steel frame, the main arch of the bay is made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, and the main arch is made of M-shaped hanger structure to enhance the stress of the roof. All parts are connected by bolt combination, and there is a large-flow drainage channel at the top of the span column.

    In recent years, the utilization rate of greenhouses has become higher and higher. The performance and characteristics of the film greenhouse have been greatly improved compared with other greenhouses. The structure of the greenhouse is characterized by outdoor mulching, which connects several independent greenhouses, which can not only keep warm and moisturizing, but also increase the floor space. Greenhouses are also widely used in various agricultural facilities.

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