BMW San Remo Green Metallic (C4E/WC4E) Touch Up Paint

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May. 13, 2024




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BMW San Remo Green Metallic (C4E/WC4E) Touch Up Paint

Got paint scratches on your BMW? This San Remo Green Metallic (C4E/WC4E) touch up paint kit is what you need to get rid of them.

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Detailed instructions take out all the guesswork. Simply follow the steps and you can't go wrong.

We guarantee that our touch up paint will match your vehicle's original finish, or your money back. Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which format (bottle or aerosol) is best for my scratch?

Choose a brush if:
It is a small scratch or chip, you can achieve a near invisible repair with a brush, if you are careful to polish away excess paint, and level the clear. It also depends in how visible the scratch is. If it is on the top of a door or your mirror, you might opt to spray aerosol. If it is very low on the car, a brush repair will be fine.

Choose aerosol if:
If the damaged area is larger and/or full of scratches, and a brush repair will take too long; or look very noticeable.

What kit do I need for my scratch?

Get the Essential kit if you have light damage, and it doesn’t go down to the metal or plastic.

Get the Preferred kit if you have deeper scratches, down to the metal or plastic, and you need to prime.

Get the Complete kit if you want the most professional results, as it includes primer, polishing compound, polishing cloth, and a tack cloth.

How do I find my color code?

We've created a master guide to find any color code. Start here: Paint Codes Every car maker puts the color code in a different place. It might be under the hood, or on the drivers door jamb, or in the glove box. And most of them have put it in several different locations over the years.

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Is your paint the same as the factory paint?

Our paint is a waterborne paint formulated for automotive refinish. This is the same paint that is sprayed in body shops around the world, and is the same waterborne formulation as used by many original equipment automotive manufacturers. This is a very low VOC paint, making it much better for the home and environment than high VOC urethane or lacquer-based paints sold by many other touch up paint companies.

How does your Color Match guarantee work?

We guarantee that our touch up paint will match your vehicle's original finish, or your money back. We only ask that you provide us with the following: Proof of your vehicle's original paint code such as a photo of your color code or VIN sticker. Also, a photo of a test application next to your vehicle or motorcycle where we can see the mismatch.

BMW San Remo Green Metallic C4E Touch Up Paint

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