Best In Class Travel Trailers - Ultra Lite & Lightweight

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May. 13, 2024




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Best In Class Travel Trailers - Ultra Lite & Lightweight

When traveling in more extreme climates or seasons, it’s important to make sure fluids and systems are protected against the effects of swings in temperatures. It’s why we build our Eagle Travel Trailers and Eagle HT Travel Trailers with Climate Shield™ and the HELIX Cooling System™. Climate Shield protects liquids, wiring and living spaces from frozen temperatures with:

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  • Fully enclosed and heated underbelly (ducted)
  • 40,000-BTU furnace
  • Double-layer fiberglass batt insulation (roof, floor and behind the cap)
  • PEX plumbing

The exclusive HELIX system ensures fresh, cool air moves smoothly through the unit, even with high humidity or still wind using:

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  • Exterior-mounted “Whisper Quiet” A/C
  • Insulated dual duct design
  • Directional and closable vents
  • Larger return vents with easy-access filters

All Jayco fifth wheels are also equipped with these advanced heating and cooling systems. Some features may not be available on every Jayco travel trailer.

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