Available Types and Uses of Semi-trailers

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Trucking accounts for more than 70% of all goods transported in the United States and is the preferred way to transport most goods. Although the truck may be the engine, it is important that the trailer carries the load and it is important to choose a compatible trailer to complete the task at hand.

There are a variety of semi-trailer types to choose from, and depending on your load or freight, one will better suit your needs than the other. Finding the right trailer for your work will have a significant impact on ensuring the success of the project and promoting the safe arrival of goods. Through this guide, you will learn about the most common types of semi-trailers and the use of each type.

Drop Deck trailer

Stepped deck trailers, also known as deck trailers, are similar to flat trailers because they are open trailers, but there are some differences. Although the flat trailer has only one floor, the stepped trailer has two decks, called the upper and lower floors.
The upper deck is 10 to 13 feet long and is located above the tractor. The lower deck is 38 to 40 feet long and is only 3 feet above the ground. This lowered deck provides the stepped deck trailer with the ability to pull higher loads.



Flat trailer

Flat trailers are versatile, so they are some of the most commonly used trailers. The name comes from the fact that flat trailers have a flat deck that opens on all sides and has no roof or boxes to cover the load. This open layout makes it a trailer that is easy to load and unload, but does not protect the goods from weather and road factors. Flat trailers are ideal for transporting wide or large items because you can use a crane to lift the load from above or a forklift from the side.


Tanker trailer

Tanker trailers are usually used to transport liquids and are made of aluminum or stainless steel. The tanker trailer is famous for its unique shape, and it is cylindrical for good reason. The tanker is made of a cylinder because it reduces the pressure on the tank itself, provides a lower center of gravity, prevents the liquid from surging, and is easier to extract and clean.

Available Types and Uses of Semi-trailers

HOWO Oil Tank Truck


Low bed trailer

Low trailers are also known as double descending trailers because they have two decks descending, allowing extremely low decks. The first drop is behind the gooseneck tube and the second drop is in front of the wheel. This additional drop-down feature makes low trailers ideal for moving higher devices without a high degree of license.
Another advantage of low trailers is that they can increase their load-bearing capacity by adding extra axles. If you are looking for towing large equipment, such as bulldozers or other construction equipment, then a low trailer may be exactly what you want.


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Dump trailer

The function of the dump trailer is as its name implies: tilt to allow gravity to empty the load. These trailers use hydraulic devices to lift and tilt the platform. Dump trailers are ideal for towing and dumping large fragments for bricks, rock, gravel and other heavy materials. Dump trailers are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, making them ideal for any garbage removal or construction project.

Typical cargo types of dump trailers: construction waste, agricultural materials, recycled goods, etc.


HOWO 6X4 Dump Truck


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