5 important reasons you should Wear Anti-Blue Ray lens

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Mar. 29, 2022




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People are spending more time in front of digital devices than ever before, whether it's phones, tablets or TV screens. Adults reportedly spend more than six hours a day, and teens spend about seven hours a day watching screens. In addition to the musculoskeletal and physiological problems that may result from spending a lot of time browsing social media, reading the news or watching TV shows, screen time and blue light can affect your eye health.


What is Blue light?

Blue light is everywhere. It is found in the sun's rays, emitted from fluorescent lights and screens of electronic devices. The sun contains all colors of light, including red, orange, green, and blue. Each of these colors emits a different energy level. Red light, for example, has longer wavelengths and less energy. At the other end of the spectrum, blue light has shorter wavelengths and more energy.While you're mostly exposed to the blue light of sunlight when you're outdoors, people are now exposed to screens more than ever when they're indoors. This overexposure to blue light worries some eye health experts.


Why you should try blue light glasses ?

Work and social life increasingly revolves around watching screens for several hours a day. To combat the effects of too much blue light exposure, consider wearing blue light protection. Here are five reasons why wearing these glasses might help you.


Better Sleep

Similarly, walking outside in the sun can help you stay alert; Spending time on a screen before bed can also help you feel alert. Short wavelengths delay the release of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone that naturally begins to be released into your system a few hours before bedtime.Using a tablet or other type of screen before bed can delay this release, making it harder to fall asleep immediately. If you can't turn off your device an hour or two before bedtime, using blue-blocking glasses may help you sleep better, as sleep experts recommend.


Reduce eye strain

Looking at screens all day can make you stressed, or you may feel eye and muscle strains. Ergonomic adjustments help reduce muscle problems caused by sitting at a desk all day looking at a screen. Blue-blocking glasses can help reduce eye strain.Blue light can make it harder to concentrate on the screen, making it harder for your eyes to concentrate. Blue-ray glasses help increase the contrast of the screen, making it easier to focus and subsequently reducing eye strain.


Fewer headaches

Light, especially blue light, can trigger migraines and worsen headaches. Blocking blue light with special glasses can reduce migraine attacks and reduce headaches and headaches.

Reduce your risk of eye disease

Your cornea and lens are good at blocking harmful uv rays from reaching your retina. But they can't block blue light. Damage to the retina increases the risk of macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness.Blue light can penetrate your retina and can cause symptoms similar to macular degeneration and may increase your risk of developing cataracts. Wearing protection can help prevent this.


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