What is a Containerised generator?

Author: Hou

Feb. 24, 2024




Containerised generators have emerged as a versatile solution for power generation needs in various industries. This article delves into the concept of containerised generators, their origins, rationale, and impacts.


Containerised generators draw inspiration from the shipping industry, where shipping containers revolutionised logistics. Integrating generators into shipping containers began as a practical solution to enhance portability and protection for power generation equipment. Over time, this concept evolved to cater to diverse applications beyond maritime use.


The rationale behind containerised generators stems from the need for efficient, mobile, and protected power solutions. Traditional stationary generators lacked mobility and were vulnerable to environmental factors. By encasing generators within robust shipping containers, manufacturers addressed these shortcomings, offering a turnkey power solution that could be easily transported, deployed, and operated in various settings.


The process of containerising generator sets involves several key steps:

Design and Integration: Generator units are selected or custom-built to fit within standard shipping container dimensions. They are then integrated with fuel tanks, control panels, exhaust systems, and other necessary components.

Containerised Power Generator Sets.jpg

Testing and Certification: Containerised generators undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with safety and performance standards. This includes testing for functionality, durability, and environmental suitability.

Customisation: Containers can be customised to accommodate specific requirements, such as soundproofing, climate control, or additional security features, based on the intended application and operating conditions.

Deployment: Once assembled and tested, containerised generators are ready for deployment. They can be transported to the desired location using standard transportation methods and quickly set up to provide reliable power.

Significance and Impact

Containerised generators have had a significant impact on various industries:

Versatility: They offer versatile power solutions for a wide range of applications, including construction sites, remote locations, events, disaster relief efforts, and industrial operations.

Mobility: The portability of containerised generators facilitates rapid deployment to areas with temporary or emergency power needs, improving response times and operational flexibility.

Protection: Enclosing generators within shipping containers provides protection against weather, theft, vandalism, and other external threats, ensuring the reliability and security of power supply systems.

Efficiency: Containerised generators optimise space utilisation and streamline logistics, leading to cost savings, improved resource allocation, and enhanced overall efficiency in power generation and distribution.


Containerised gensets represent a paradigm shift in power generation technology, offering a compact, mobile, and robust solution to meet the evolving needs of modern industries. Their ability to provide reliable power in diverse environments, coupled with their ease of deployment and operation, underscores their importance in ensuring uninterrupted access to electricity where it is needed most.



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