Diamond & Moissanite Carat Sizes Shown On Hand

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Diamond & Moissanite Carat Sizes Shown On Hand

Diamond & Moissanite Carat Sizes Shown On Hand

Below are images of incremental carat sizes in every center-stone shape, shown on a hand model with a ring size of 5.75. Each stone is set into a ring and please note these are only close approximates as center-stone dimensions and length/width ratios can vary on stone by stone basis. At Lauren B we aim to give our clients the most well cut stones that achieve a balance of large face-up dimensions and high levels of sparkle.  See below or watch this video here

If you want to learn more, please visit our website 8mm round diamond.

Below are images of incremental carat sizes in every center-stone shape, shown on a hand model with a ring size of 5.75. 

6 Diamond Rings (By Actual Carat Size) At Levy Jewelers ...

What Diamond Carat Size On Hand Is Best For You?

6 Diamond Rings (By Actual Carat Size) At Levy Jewelers You Need To Try On!

When it Comes to the Perfect Diamond Ring, Size Matters!

There’s nothing that says ‘I Love You” quite like a sparkling diamond ring. At Levy Jewelers, we understand the importance behind that “I Do” and “I Love You” moment, and we also know the amount of research and planning that goes into finding the perfect ring for your ideal proposal and wedding day. 

Sure, you’ve most likely thought about the band style you prefer, the metal type of the band, the cut of the diamond you like, and even the overall style of your ring. But… what about carat size?!

The More Carats, The Better, Right?!

Your first thought is probably, “the larger the carat size, the better,” right? Sure, we all love big diamonds and, yes, diamonds with a large total carat weight do look nice, but it is important to understand how different diamond carat sizes look and feel as it pertains to the diamond cut, as well as physically observing what diamond carat size on hand looks best on your finger!

From half-carat diamond rings to the ever-popular 2-carat diamond ring size, and all the way up to a 5-carat diamond ring and larger, here are 6 Diamonds Rings (in order by actual carat size) available at Levy Jewelers you need to try on, and better yet, see to believe! We’ll walk you through the specifics of each carat weight as we help you on your way to selecting the perfect diamond for your next ring purchase!

Simple, Clean, and Always Spectacular:

The Half Carat Diamond Ring

Let’s say your budget doesn't necessarily allow for a ring with a center diamond boasting a large carat weight. Don’t worry… this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the sparkle and shine of your diamond engagement or wedding ring! For a budget right around the $1,000 mark, you can get yourself into a lovely half-carat diamond ring that is sure to have wonderful sparkle, fire, and scintillation!

Half-carat diamond rings are a fantastic and popular choice when it comes to choosing a carat weight for a ring. First off, as mentioned before, this carat weight is indeed more budget-friendly. Saving money is always a plus, but what’s most important is that at this carat weight, a typical round diamond measuring in at just about 5mm across will be incredibly sparkly because the clarity and color will have very little impact on the diamond’s overall luster and brilliance! 

Plus as an added bonus, a half-carat diamond leaves space on the top of the band to set in several side stones for a three-stone, halo, or cluster ring design!

Check out this half-carat 14 Karat White Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring that chimes in with astounding sparkle and timeless elegance!

A Step in the Big-Sparkle Direction: The 1 Carat Diamond Ring 
The most popular diamond carat weight for engagement and wedding rings, the 1-carat diamond is a great carat weight to include in your next ring purchase for many reasons! If your budget falls between $4,000 - $5,000, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a spectacular 1-carat diamond ring that checks off all your “must-have” boxes! 


If you’re looking for a diamond cut of this size, but want to go about it in a way that’s more budget-friendly, there are plentiful 1-carat diamond ring options that feature a fancy-shape diamond cut (we recommend oval cut, square cut, Asscher cut, and pear cut!) that should provide some savings as compared to the round cut diamonds.  

Another way to save on your 1-carat diamond ring is slightly compromising on the center diamond’s clarity and color, and add sparkle with additional side stones or a halo setting to provide a 1-carat diamond ring that delivers some serious shimmer! 

And speaking of side stones, this brings up our next point! Beyond being a perfect size (big, but not too clunky on your finger), the 1-carat diamond ring is a popular choice because it allows the wearer to adorn a ring with side stones, like a 3-stone ring, leaving room for extra diamonds to accentuate the center stone without overcrowding or overwhelming it. This is a huge benefit and a very popular engagement ring style today! Take for example this lovely 1 carat Lady's 18 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Ring.


Double the Dazzle:

Want more information on colors of moissanite? Feel free to contact us.

The 2 Carat Diamond Ring

If you’re looking for a diamond in your next engagement or wedding ring that is big, bold, and sure to give off some serious shine, consider a 2-carat diamond ring!

A round diamond cut at this carat weight will measure right around 8mm in diameter, so it is sure to stand out on any ring setting and make a statement! That being said, and as big and bold as it may be, a 2-carat diamond ring shouldn’t feel too large or bulky on your finger, especially if you opt for a diamond cut that is a bit shallower and is placed in a setting that doesn’t protrude too high off the band itself.

Due to its larger carat weight, finding a well-cut diamond at this size is a bit more difficult, and it can be a bit more costly. How much is a 2-carat diamond ring, you ask? For a 2-carat diamond ring featuring a center stone with very minimal inclusions, set your budget for right around $15,000 - $17,000. 

Again, if you opt for a fancy cut diamond, like a 2-carat oval diamond ring or a round cut diamond with some minor coloration and slightly less clarity, you can expect to see some significant savings, paying somewhere between $9,000 - $10,000.

If you think a 2-carat beauty is right for you, check out this elegant 2-carat Lady's Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring!


Triple the Charm:

The 3 Carat Diamond Ring

If you’re on the search for a truly stunning diamond ring, then a 3-carat diamond ring should definitely do the trick! Generally speaking, a 3-carat diamond, when looked at from above, will cover about ¾ of the width of your ring finger at its widest point. Yes, it is indeed a large diamond and will have noticeable size and sparkle on your hand!

At this carat weight, it is most common to treat the large center diamond as the main focal point of any engagement ring or wedding ring, often standing alone without side stones or placed in a halo with smaller diamonds encircling it for a subtle accent. 

Then again, if you are looking for side stones to place next to a 3-carat diamond, there is still a bit of room to work with to make that arrangement happen, but the side stones could be a good bit smaller in comparison to the center stone.

Still not sure which size diamond suits you? Dive into our full range of engagement rings for inspiration! 

Maybe you didn’t find the exact ring you’re looking for, but you do know what diamond carat size, shape, or clarity you’d like to have included in your dream ring. Great! Start by browsing our loose diamond selection, and our staff of professional diamond jewelry experts looks forward to working with you to locate the perfect band to couple it with, or start from scratch by custom-designing a diamond ring that is to your exact specifications! 

When Biggest Is Best:

The 4 Carat Diamond Ring & 5 Carat Diamond Ring

We’ve all heard the saying, “there is no such thing as too big a diamond,” and for those seeking a celeb-sized center diamond stone for their engagement ring or wedding ring, then a 4-carat diamond ring or 5-carat diamond ring is your answer. Diamond rings boasting these large, rare carat sizes are sure to wow just about anyone with their massive amounts of shimmer and radiance. 

When looking at 4-carat and 5-carat diamond rings, there tend to be two opinions on their overall size, and determining whether a diamond with a larger carat weight works for you really comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. Some feel that the sky's the limit, and no diamond is too big! 

For others, 4-carat diamond rings and 5-carat diamond rings can feel bulky, heavy, and seem so big they almost look fake. Just remember that you are the one making the final decision, and you get to dictate the size, style, cut, and setting for your diamond ring!

Ready to find the ring of your dreams? Make your dream a reality with this 4 Carat Lady's EGL Platinum Diamond Ring.

If a show-stopping engagement ring is what you’ve been looking for, search no further! Check out this 5 Carat Platinum Diamond Ring, we promise you won’t be disappointed with this sparkle.


Need Help Finding the Perfect Diamond Carat Size? Leave it to Levy’s!

There you have it… 6 incredibly beautiful diamond rings, all with center diamonds ranging from a half-carat to 5 carats in size. We hope that this quick list and diamond carat weight summary has helped you in your search for that perfect diamond ring!

We at Levy Jewelers understand that selecting the perfect diamond stone for your special ring is no small task, and with so many different diamond carat weights, cuts, side stone options, setting styles, band options, and more, it can be slightly daunting to know where to start on your journey. That’s why it’s best to leave it to Levy’s! Our staff of diamond jewelry experts is here to assist you with every step of the process! 

Be sure to schedule an appointment with one of our jewelry experts so they can give you the personal attention you deserve! Or, drop us a line at 912-233-1163 to reach us at our Downtown Savannah flagship location! 


For more hpht diamond vs cvdinformation, please contact us. We will provide professional answers.



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