3 Types of Pregnancy Belts & How to Use Them

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3 Types of Pregnancy Belts & How to Use Them

1) Serola SI Belt: Alleviating Pelvic Pain and Sciatica

The Serola SI Belt: Your Solution for Pelvic Pain Relief

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Are you experiencing pelvic area pain or sciatica during pregnancy? Say hello to your new best friend – the Serola SI Belt. As the name suggests, this belt is specially crafted to target the sacroiliac joint (SI joint), which is often the source of discomfort for many expectant mothers. Located in your buttocks, the SI joint can become a pain point during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and joint hypermobility.

Why Choose the Serola SI Belt:

Our most recommended and frequently used belt, the Serola SI Belt, offers exceptional support for various pelvic joint dysfunctions during both pregnancy and postpartum stages. Featuring a firm, stabilizing strap that encircles the sacrum and ilium joints, this belt wraps around your hips and secures at the front over the pubic area. Additional side straps can be adjusted to lock the SI joint in place, providing the stability you need during a time of increased joint flexibility.

Proper Usage Tips:

To maximize the benefits of the Serola SI Belt, remember to wear it correctly. Position the belt across the upper sacrum, ensuring it contacts the hips on the sides. Then, with a gentle scoop of the belly, secure the belt just above the pubic bone. Important: Reset the second strap each time you put on the belt. Avoid tensioning the second strap before wearing the belt to ensure proper joint alignment. For a visual guide, check out Serola's helpful instructional video HERE.

2) Cabea Pelvic Belt: Targeting SPD and More

Experience Comfort with the Cabea Pelvic Belt

For mothers grappling with symphysis pubis disorder (SPD) or pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS), the Cabea Pelvic Belt is a game-changer. Unlike the stiffer SI Belt, the Cabea offers a balanced blend of support for your belly and SI joints. Plus, it boasts the option to add groin straps for additional pubic bone support when needed.

Why the Cabea Pelvic Belt:

Designed with SPD and PCS in mind, this versatile belt cradles your belly and provides gentle support to the SI joints. By attaching groin straps underneath, you can enhance pubic bone support. Experience relief from discomfort and pain as you navigate pregnancy.

Using the Cabea Pelvic Belt:

Ensure optimal results by positioning the belt across your hips, avoiding placement too high, which could impact sacral alignment. If utilizing groin straps, wear them in a crisscross fashion, securing them snugly beneath the pubic bone. Just like with the Serola SI Belt, remember to reset both the secondary strap and groin straps each time you put on the belt for consistent support.

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3) Belly Band: Gentle Belly Support for a Lighter Pregnancy

Embrace Comfort with the Belly Band:

If your pregnancy journey has you yearning for belly support without pelvic girdle dysfunction or pain, the Belly Band is your answer. Ideal for relieving pressure on the sacrum, pelvis, and pubic bone, this lightweight band offers the lift you need when your belly feels particularly heavy.

When to Choose the Belly Band:

Perfect for moms who experience the sensation of a heavy belly but are not dealing with pelvic girdle dysfunction or pain. While it lacks the rigidity of the other belts, the Belly Band is effective at providing much-needed comfort during your pregnancy.

How to Wear the Belly Band:

Position the band just beneath your belly, ensuring it sits at the top of the sacrum. Secure it gently in the front with a slight scoop of the belly. The aim is to strike a balance between support and comfort. For optimal results, perform a gentle lift to elevate your belly slightly, enhancing the supportive effects of the band.

At Well Spine Family Chiropractic, we understand the unique challenges that pregnancy brings, and we're here to provide you with the support you need. Whether it's the targeted relief of the Serola SI Belt, the versatility of the Cabea Pelvic Belt, or the gentle lift of the Belly Band, there's a solution for every mom-to-be in Boulder, CO. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team for personalized guidance and recommendations. Contact us at info@wellspinefamilychiropractic.com or visit our clinic to experience the comfort and relief our belts can bring to your pregnancy journey.

XO, the Well Spine Team

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